About Moorestown Township Public Schoools (MTPS)


The Moorestown Township Public Schools are located in Moorestown, NJ, less than fifteen miles from Philadelphia. The district consists of six schools: three elementary schools, one upper elementary school, one middle school, and one high school. 

Moorestown schools, students, and staff have a long history of outstanding academic success. All of the schools have received numerous commendations, with the high school and the elementary schools receiving prestigious National Blue Ribbon status. Moorestown school's were recently rated the best in South Jersey and one of the best in New Jersey. 

Through out mission statement, excellence, equity & engagement via partnership, the Board of Education expects that all students will achieve and surpass standards in all grade levels.


The school district is overseen by a nine member Board of Education, which is led by a president and vice-president. The Board of Education is responsible for policy, curriculum  and has the final authority on district matters. The board has typically one regular action meeting a month and special meetings as needed. The Board of Education also has it's members split into various committees (Budget & Finance, Curriculum & Student Service, Operations & Facilities, Policy & Governance, Technology, and Residency - as needed). The Board also maintains liaisons to various school and community organizations.

In addition, the district has a superintendent which is responsible for day to day operations of the district. The superintendent reports directly to the Board of Education.  

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