Our Direction

This page highlights different elements that Brandon would like to and 

plans to work towards while serving on the Board of Education.

Increased Collaboration

The Moorestown Board of Education has, is currently, and will continue to face difficult issues and challenges. I view it as being essential for everyone to work together in order to accomplish objectives and overcome problems.  It may be the board’s responsibility to set goals, direction, and policy for the district, but I believe in seeking the opinions, assistance, and support from students, residents, teachers, and administration alike. Brandon is an advocate for creating a town council liaison from the school board to create better partnerships between the two entities.

Better Communication & Outreach 

I believe in making, maintaining, and strengthening connections to organizations in town which support the district. In addition, I recognize there are two categories of tax payers in town, those with children in public schools and those without. Regardless of which category a resident may fall in, a significant portion of their tax dollars go to the school district. Due to this, I believe it is critical to reach out to all residents in town and keep them informed on the Board of Education and seek their input, and if interested, use their talents and support. 

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Fiscal Alternatives & Minimal Tax/Budget Impact

There is no hiding the fact that finances are always of concern for the district. This should be the case because it is important to be fiscally responsible and conservative to balance the tax impact on the community with the quality of education. I believe in continuing to ensure that every effort is made to use tax dollars most efficiently as well ensuring money is not frivolously spent.  


Due to changes in state funding, tough economic times, and a growing student population, money will be of high concern going forward. I do believe a greater emphasis needs to be placed on looking for alternatives which generate money, rather than simply relying on tax increases. Alternatives which need explored include sponsorship of school buildings/fields, possible advertisements on buses, along with greater investigation of available grants. Overall, Moorestown’s expectation of excellence needs to be upheld regardless of the tough economic times and it is the board’s job to make this occur.

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Progression & Upholding Quality

There is no doubt that Moorestown School District is one of the best in the area. In fact, many people move to the township solely for the high caliber of the schools. However, there is a problem. We have not earned our excellent reputation by simply just achieving it. But rather, through excellent education and offering opportunities many other districts do not have.


The dilemma is however, if we do not take actions to continue to move us forward and uphold our exceptional standards of public education, we will not be one of the highest performing schools in the area. I believe in seeking ways to ensure our reputation is upheld by bringing new ways to make the district stand out and being competitive moving forward. If our schools are not exceptional we will loose people who move to Moorestown for the schools, which could cause an increase in taxes for the rest of us.

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Increase Safety & Emergency Preparedness

I know and believe it is essential to ensure the district's students and staff are safe. With a wide range of threats existing including, weather related emergencies, health hazards, and possible acts of violence, it is imperative to have plans in place and to be able to react effectively and efficiently should the need arise. It is key not to only have drills and exercises to meet requirements, but to make improvements and have practice where needed. I call for reviewing current plans and procedures and making sure they are as complete as possible, providing staff with necessary training, and ensuring the district is beyond where is should be. Brandon is an advocate for creating an Emergency Prepardness and Safety board committee to regularly review safety and prepardness in the district to ensure students and staff are safe.

New Ideas

There is a distinct advantage of electing a new person to the board; new ideas and fresh perspectives are beneficial. Often times when members serve term after term, the way of doing things become repetitious, ideas become stagnant, and the techniques that may have worked at one time or are no longer working are too often continued.

Brandon Pugh at Moorestown Night on 9/20/2012.